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Thee More Shallows: Website / Myspace

Each Pinback album has a distinct feel to it. Are there any things that influenced you on this one that may not have influenced you before?

If there are, they are all subconscious. You know? When we write an album, we try not to set any certain borders or boundaries. We just hope that it’s different than the last album and that there’s something new to offer. Maybe one of the differences is that we added live drums this time. It kind of gives it a more aggressive sound. Since we can already do the slow, quiet music pretty easily, it was fun to do that.

Did you find that you guys pushed yourselves more to have that live sound when you were recording?

Well, the songs just sort of called for it. Actually, the drums weren’t recorded “live” with the rest of the music. We would write the songs with a drum machine and then we had our drummer, Chris Prescott come in and play the parts that Rob and I had already programmed. He would play after the songs were already written. It’s kind of backwards, but that’s just how we did it.

When you are writing songs, do they come together from just jamming out and seeing what happens, or do you have a specific process?

You know, it changes for each song, so it’s never the same. The only thing that I can say for sure is that there’s never a song that only one of us writes, like “here’s a song… it’s done.” We always collaborate in different degrees. Basically, it’s just two guys in a home studio being pretty mellow, coming up with different elements. Many times, we’ll record a part, put it aside for a month, work on other songs and then come back and go “oh let’s add some more!” We tend to write the songs as we record, which is maybe different than a band going in and recording 10 songs that they already know.

Do you feel that you guys are more comfortable to experiment and do things of that nature in the home studio setting as opposed to renting a studio the traditional way?

The only difference is that you get to go at your own pace. Sometimes the home studio is like a chore though. You’ve got to set up the microphone, or this, or that and sometimes you wish you could just record. If I could go at my own pace in a nice studio, that would be great! We’ve thought about doing that and it’d be fun. But it wouldn’t work for us, because we don’t have complete songs when we’re ready to record.

The art direction on your new album is very interesting. I even noticed that your website has a game for the album.

Yeah. That wasn’t by us. [Laughs] that’s just Sutfin gone wild! For the last couple of releases, we’ve had a good friend of ours Mike Sutfin do the artwork. So, we asked him do this one as well. It was really fun to step back and not have to worry about that aspect so much. He would send ideas and we’d tell him what we wanted, then he would draw it up. So that’s probably why it’s more unified, because we got a real visual artist to do it this time.

Did you start off with a vision, or just let him interpret the music and run with it?

Well, we told him what we were looking for. Basically, we wanted to do an angel theme. Its been done a million times before, but that’s just what we were feeling. We knew what the title was, so we went off that. We told him that we wanted something in the spectrum of fall colors and something to do with angels and we just kept going back and forth. He was gracious enough to just stick with it. Artists don’t usually like it when you tell them “Hey, can you maybe change that?” But he was great about it.

How did the title “Autumn of the Seraphs” come about?

Rob had that title in his head for a little while. It’s not necessarily meant to correspond to the previous album. But, it is sort of a ying-yang to the whole “Summer in Abadon” title. When he brought it up, it just sounded and felt right for the music, so we went with it. Hopefully, we won’t do spring and winter albums.


Yeah, I was going to say it might lead people to believe that you guys are setting up to do two more albums of that theme.

Hopefully we’re smart enough to let it go. It’s like “Okay, why do we have to do that?” You know? We can just move on.

I think the first two albums had a similar feel and these past two have a similar theme going on, with the titles and imagery. So, hopefully the next couple of albums will be their own things that are totally different too

Puddles in the Sky trailer

"Puddles in The Sky" the new glas surf movie is a cinematic exploration into all that is the art of surfing. Shot entirely in vivid high definition, the movie delivers stunning imagery from Indonesia, Australia, the Hawaiian Islands as well as North and Central America. Focusing on what, rather than who, the movie dives deep into all the creativity and inspiration that spawns from searching exotic locations for waves. The tightly choreographed soundtrack blends beautifully between originals scores by the Protist and up-tempo grooves from the likes of Sixtoo, Years Around the Sun, Jose Gonzales and more. Australian style master Adam Robertson narrates and stars in the movie along with Andrew Bennett, Dane Reynolds, Bobby Morris, Asher Pacey, Yadin Nichol, Cully Chesnut, Shane Dorian and many others.

Sidewalk Fiction

How did Sidewalk Fiction start?

Cernuda, Nir and I have actually known of each other since middle school, but we didn't start playing together until January of 2006. In late 2005 Nir told me I had to sing for his band (his band being at the time himself). I considered myself a guitarist before a singer so I initially wasn't open to the idea, but he was insistent so I gave it a whirl. Cernuda had a little experience with playing guitar. Being my roommate it was only natural that he wanted to join…we told him he could be sound guy. He fell into a deep depression, told us he wanted to play, bought a bass and got surprisingly good in a short amount of time. We started with The Clash and Velvet Underground covers until we were comfortable playing together at which point we began writing songs. For about eight months it was only the three of us and no drummer, until one day Nir posted an ad on the internet and found Shaw (who ironically worked at the same job as me). The first time we all played together was about two hours before an open-mic night. We rushed through the three or four songs we had at that time, played the gig, and have been doing it since.

Who/what are your musical influences?

Musically we all have a variety of influence. Nir and Cernuda share a common revere for the Chili Peppers and Mew. I'm heavily influenced by the Clash, the Strokes and the Walkmen. Nir's also a pretty big Television fan. Recently we've all been listening a bit to Band Marino. Shaw has a wide range of influence. Right now he's into Violent Femmes a lot, and some eighties moving into early nineties punk.

Do you have any non-musical influences? if so, who/what are they?

Lyrically I am heavily influenced by literature: Steinbeck, Garcia, Morrison and lately Poe. Garcia's One Hundred Years of Solitude has some of the most amazing images, which I plan on one day incorporating into a song. Shaw is a fan of James Joyce. The art work of Maggie Taylor follows Nir around; while walking in parks and cooking hold a special place in Cernuda's heart. Comedians like Mitch Hedberg and Lenny Bruce are inspiring, as well as an episode of The Sopranos.

What can we look for in the future from you guys?

Right now we have our demo recordings which were conducted at our house in Gainesville. This summer we intend to record a full length record and continue in putting our music out there one gig at a time.

The Prids

Who / what are your influences?

The lives that we lead, the conversations that we have. Friends that decide they don't like you any more. Just life in general, especially the negative parts.

The Prids tour quite extensively. How do you feel about being on the road so much?

We love it. We just came back from a US tour that lasted 3 months. You're back and the world looks different. There's a mental inertia that occurs. You become acclimated to being in a different place with different people everyday, and then suddenly everything is the same, you know what to expect, but your mind is still ready to receive all this new stimuli that isn't coming. So being at home, and not touring can be a bummer. Really depressing. So we book another tour. Mistina and I have been doing about 15+ weeks a year since 2001.

You guys come off as a band who's lives are very intertwined with the music. Would you agree? If so, how much has music affected your personal lives?

We're glad that it shows. It's truly everything Mistina and I do. It's our full time job. When we're not touring, we're planning the next, writing songs, playing the NW, talking about music. There's very little difference between our personal lives and our professional lives. We're just glad we're not accountants. No offense, accountants we're just sayin...

You use your music as a catalyst to promote positive change. An example that sticks out to me is your efforts supporting animal rights. Can you explain more about that?

In the beginning we were really concerned about mixing politics with music. I'm not sure why, other than we didn't want to sound preachy. We were and insecure. But being able to lend our support to causes that are very dear to us has been enabled us to help make a difference. And we're focusing more on it. Since the music is 100% of who we are, it's only natural it would come through.

Low in the Sky

Who / what are your musical influences?

We all listen to a wide selection of music. Lately, we have been listening to instrumental beat based music from ninja tune, a lot of experimental rocky/folky stuff like akron/family and adem. Any good electronic like bibio and boards of canada always find its way into our playlists.

What are your non musical influences?

Every sound that exists. We are huge fans of ambient noises and field recordings make it into many of our compositions

How long have you guys been together as a band and how did you meet?

We have been around for 4 years and met through mutual friends in the Ohio hiphop scene.

How would you describe your writing process?

We usually start with a single loop that one of us played on piano or guitar or something laying around and just start stacking layers on top of it from other instruments, vinyl samples, synth plugins and field recordings. Then, we over process everything with a ton of plugins and sequence it.

What can we expect to hear/see from you guys in the future?

More of the same: lots of audio experimentation. We have been working with longer performances and moving away from short loops as we become a little more competent on instruments.

Thee More Shallows

Thee More Shallows: Website / Myspace

When and how did Thee More Shallows form?

Please see "the Internet"

Who/What are your influences?

We're influenced by a desire to record music and play it in front of people. We try to represent the full sound spectrum.

In your live show, you come off as being very versatile in the way you use instruments and technology. Do you guys do a lot of expermentation in creating new sounds and finding new ways of instrumentation?


You guys are in the midst of a tour right now. Do you have any interesting, or funny stories transpired from the experience?

Billy Bob Thornton came to one of our shows in Switzerland, roaring drunk, and sang along to our first 3 songs. He then was led out by bouncers...

Any thoughts on what to expect in the future from Thee More Shallows?

Careers in Actuarial Accounting.


As for our the immediate future we expect the finest frozen lasagna and ranch dressing. Pleasure did await our company in Denver.

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